This was an experiment where I would write fake dreams during the day and see if they influenced the real dreams I had. Then I got sick of fabricating dreams so I just logged my real dreams.


I’m sitting in my room and then a duck appears. He substantially grows in size but then reverts back to normal once he becomes so big he starts to touch the walls and ceiling. I am unable to stop this process or get up from my chair or move at all. The walls go from normal white to purple and I feel like I’m in a party room from a childhood birthday party. There are balloons, not immediately visually present but lurking in my consciousness. The seeds of childhood are ingrained in this experience. A goblin is outside in the living room wandering around, but we never come into contact or see each other. I am writing and writing, but not getting anywhere. Zach, M’s friend, appears with a grinder and speaks about various things but I cannot digest it.


I am laying in bed, paralyzed, and looked up in grainy vision I see Zach appear in my room and begin speaking to me. I don’t know if I am speaking or not. He is eating an orange popsicle and is normal. This alternates with him standing silent, statue-like, facing diagonally into my closet. This disturbs me.


I’m traipsing around a village in medieval times. I am a traveler who has met many great knights, wizards, and sages. I have been to the deserts, forests, and exotic places of the world. The world is like Runescape. I’m in Varrock from RuneScape and know vaguely where to go and am enjoying myself. I meet and see people from my past and am entranced in this state. The world is simple and people spend leisure time performing skills and tasks. I go on adventures to the wilderness with new-found friends and am able to respawn in Lumbridge. I enjoy spending time around trees and with sheep, petting them.

[REAL 2]

I’m in a helicopter with some of the kitchen people from work. T and M are there. It’s a military helicopter and we’re in the back. It’s night time and things aren’t relaxed. We are dropped off on the front lawn of a nice suburban house that looks like the houses across the street from mine.


I am in a cyber world. All things are visually hazy and spread out in colors of green, red, and blue. I see many space marines that stand still and the atmosphere is foggy and dark. It goes from maroon sunset to pitch black. Sometimes it becomes day but with only fog and no sun. I meet bald James at the swim club and we explore the back area with the tetherball and ski ball court. We go into the canopy lounge area and have a long philosophical discussion about time, childhood, and consciousness as I observe various oddities happening around us in the fog, outside. Cars are parking in the lot and people are gathering with torches, but what for? It starts to rain and I like it. I speak with James and we are both armed in futuristic Spartan armor. We walk out into the rain and play a game of tetherball. It’s warm, humid, and raining, and we are still in our armor with the helmets off. We’re laughing. James R. joins us nonchalantly and we say hi to him. We all continue to laugh and talk for hours as many people walk around the club with their torches, preparing for some gathering or ritual or party in the grassy barbecue area.



Flew to Nevada with N. and friends to visit Jerry and his family. I think they were my cousins. We get there and it’s very snowy there and still going. We visit Jerry in his row home that looks like it belongs in Philly. We go to some theater to see a live performance. It never starts, and I realize that I have 4 minutes to buy return flight tickets for tomorrow. My friends and I desperately start driving to go buy the tickets but we get lost on the snowy streets and are frustrated. I don’t want to spend my money on staying but in the dream I never considered staying at Jerry’s for free.



I called Dr. J. to tell him about my supposed adverse reaction to fish oil and he got irritated and accused us of lying or something along those lines. I said that if he was going to be rude we would have to end the phone call. He laughed maniacally into the phone. Cackling is a good word for it. He hung up and shortly after he emailed us saying he would not treat me.



I was at a summer camp similar to my old real summer camp but it was in a valley far away from roads/towns and reminded me of a Garry’s Mod map. There were dingy and rusty shacks and open picnic/cafeteria areas with ceilings. There was a “sport” we played where we went each team went to war with each other and I believe we were dressed up as medieval warriors and had swords and other various weapons. I think there were vague versions of V.F. and other past camp people.


[REAL] (Methyl-B12, Folate, and P5P allow me vivid dreams.)

I was in a hospital where many of the outer areas and hallways were underwater. Only a few key areas were normal and the outside too. All my coworkers were there, and I guess an idea was taken from Orange is the New Black, in one room you got underwater haircuts. Some kid we knew had gotten in an accident and M.B. was trying to contact his parents to find out if he was dead or alive. There was some famous foreign guy there who T kept trying to introduce me to. At the end, we were in a huge opera-looking theater that was empty and he was sitting with some men in the band dugout talking. I had also been walking around this theater with T for some time talking about my dad, and she said confident things about how she agreed with my decision. T took me to meet the famous guy and as I went to the edge of the stage my legs spasmed and I jumped off and landed right in front of him. He made some joke about a terrorist attack and T introduced me and handed him some paper about I forget what. Then I woke up.


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