Achievement Society & its Dissidents

At a certain point, you have to lower your standards to get anything done. Lower them now so they can be higher later. Byung-chul Han describes our achievement society as the next evolutionary step after Foucault’s disciplinary society. Occurring within neoliberal globalist capitalism and associated with sterilized digital aesthetics, the achievement society implants the disciplinary … Continue reading Achievement Society & its Dissidents

Academic Elitism, Working-Class Stress, Hope for the Future

New scientific research in the age of social media follows a pattern of rapid streamlining onto every major news source, where the headline presents the information in the most sensationalist, alarmist, or controversial framing they possibly can. Thus, the dilution of usually very complex, sometimes ambiguous, scientific research is used dishonestly, to further ideological prejudices … Continue reading Academic Elitism, Working-Class Stress, Hope for the Future

Authoritarianism, Obedience, & Awareness

We continually armor and arm ourselves with whatever most pleases our sensibilities and simultaneously appears most useful. Our calibration systems for this can be distorted from an early age, as a consequence of intense stress, and thus one comes to calibrate maladaptively, and armor themselves with superfluous junk, rust, and poison, that only serves to … Continue reading Authoritarianism, Obedience, & Awareness