Self-Reliance in an Authoritarian Culture

Thinking for yourself is a continuous struggle, a quality that must be nourished and championed within the self because we're under constant coercion, even self-coercion that urges us to default to someone else's way of thinking. It's a great relief when we can trust and follow someone's advice because it provides security. Often this can … Continue reading Self-Reliance in an Authoritarian Culture

Friendship & Play as Vital Medicines

Life arose spontaneously when given sufficient energy, and has always been defined by continuous exploration and expansion. Situational inhibition, the restriction of avenues to discovery, atrophies the organism. Stasis is antithetical to life, and embedded mechanisms maintain this law by gradually shutting down dormant organismal components--holistic rigor mortis. For some perspective: 10-15% of muscle strength … Continue reading Friendship & Play as Vital Medicines

Authoritarianism, Obedience, & Awareness

We continually armor and arm ourselves with whatever most pleases our sensibilities and simultaneously appears most useful. Our calibration systems for this can be distorted from an early age, as a consequence of intense stress, and thus one comes to calibrate maladaptively, and armor themselves with superfluous junk, rust, and poison, that only serves to … Continue reading Authoritarianism, Obedience, & Awareness

Solutions for Dissociation, Trauma, and Related Disease

Stressors, mental and physical, are an everyday encounter necessary for growth and change but trauma inhibits these. Think of your muscles: stress is a strain, it can wear you out; extreme or inescapable stress is trauma; it is an injury, a wound causing long-term or permanent damage. You are changed after trauma. Most people will … Continue reading Solutions for Dissociation, Trauma, and Related Disease