What Conspiracy Theorists & Fake Skeptics Both Get Wrong About Conspiracies

Preface: The first draft of this article started in early 2020, and attempted to equally highlight the mistakes of both conspiracy theorists and fake skeptics, or conspiracy deniers. But the situation has become so awful in mainstream media and discourse that the article’s final draft is ultimately more sympathetic to the “conspiracy theorists”. Any remnants … Continue reading What Conspiracy Theorists & Fake Skeptics Both Get Wrong About Conspiracies

Academic Elitism, Working-Class Stress, Hope for the Future

New scientific research in the age of social media follows a pattern of rapid streamlining onto every major news source, where the headline presents the information in the most sensationalist, alarmist, or controversial framing they possibly can. Thus, the dilution of usually very complex, sometimes ambiguous, scientific research is used dishonestly, to further ideological prejudices … Continue reading Academic Elitism, Working-Class Stress, Hope for the Future

Friendship & Play as Vital Medicines

Life arose spontaneously when given sufficient energy, and has always been defined by continuous exploration and expansion. Situational inhibition, the restriction of avenues to discovery, atrophies the organism. Stasis is antithetical to life, and embedded mechanisms maintain this law by gradually shutting down dormant organismal components--holistic rigor mortis. For some perspective: 10-15% of muscle strength … Continue reading Friendship & Play as Vital Medicines

Conquering Resentment & Learned Helplessness

When existential pain reaches a threshold no longer bearable, and if you’re equipped with sufficient will-to-curiosity, the adequate intellectual humility to seek what’s necessary, you have created a chance for a meaningful, justifiable existence to transmutes the pain into a worthwhile facet of your journey: “If we affirm one single moment, we thus affirm not … Continue reading Conquering Resentment & Learned Helplessness

Shaping our Stances: The Psychology of Opinionated Rigidity

People are usually unwilling to consider another viewpoint’s validity or change their opinion unless they (consciously or not) believe it will benefit them. This usually involves a subconscious prioritization of fallacious shortcuts to reduce cognitive dissonance, ego defense, social circle groupthink and assimilation to maintain short-term harmony, internal and external. If the pursuit of truth … Continue reading Shaping our Stances: The Psychology of Opinionated Rigidity

Psychomuscular Memory & Biopsychological Integration

A sustained tolerance to stressors seems ever-expandable, as novel fears are confronted, explored, and conquered, although various factors and phenotypes maintain a baseline discomfort in certain situations, and it seems that no amount of exposure therapy will completely habituate them. In these people, I suspect a maladaptive psychology creates branching dysfunction, where cumulative pathological perceptions … Continue reading Psychomuscular Memory & Biopsychological Integration

Taurine: Inhibitor & Stabilizer

Taurine is a chemical compound found ubiquitously in the body. It is tentatively being considered for additional categorization as a neurotransmitter since, whilst functioning as an antioxidant, and to make digestive bile acids, regulate fluid balance and mineral retention, it is also a natural sedative by its activation of the GABA-A and glycine receptors (Jia et al., 2008; Zhang & … Continue reading Taurine: Inhibitor & Stabilizer

Resistant Depression Advice: Effective OTC & Rx Treatments

If your depression is persistent, or treatment-resistant, there is a physiological malfunction going on that needs to be addressed. It is not genetic or permanent or “just the way you are”. No, ask yourself how rational it is to hypothesize that inherited, pro-survival genes would set you up to essentially succumb to death. If depression … Continue reading Resistant Depression Advice: Effective OTC & Rx Treatments