Caffeine Caution: Reconsidering the World’s Favorite Plant Drug

Since writing my article praising coffee in February during a honeymoon phase, I spent much of this year learning about coffee and caffeine as it exists in reality, and not through a lens of confirmation bias or wishful thinking. Like almost any plant, there are potentially positive benefits, some poisonous and detrimental effects, and some … Continue reading Caffeine Caution: Reconsidering the World’s Favorite Plant Drug

Academic Elitism, Working-Class Stress, Hope for the Future

New scientific research in the age of social media follows a pattern of rapid streamlining onto every major news source, where the headline presents the information in the most sensationalist, alarmist, or controversial framing they possibly can. Thus, the dilution of usually very complex, sometimes ambiguous, scientific research is used dishonestly, to further ideological prejudices … Continue reading Academic Elitism, Working-Class Stress, Hope for the Future

Friendship & Play as Vital Medicines

Life arose spontaneously when given sufficient energy, and has always been defined by continuous exploration and expansion. Situational inhibition, the restriction of avenues to discovery, atrophies the organism. Stasis is antithetical to life, and embedded mechanisms maintain this law by gradually shutting down dormant organismal components--holistic rigor mortis. For some perspective: 10-15% of muscle strength … Continue reading Friendship & Play as Vital Medicines

Vitamin B6’s Benefits: Disease Prevention & Neurotransmission

Vitamin B6, pyridoxine, is a peculiar vitamin among the B-family. Whilst necessary for over 100 enzymatic reactions in the body, it seems to be the only B-vitamin that we hear warnings about having a toxicity risk, the primary symptom of which is nerve damage involving paresthesia (tingling and burning), although it's usually reversible upon prompt … Continue reading Vitamin B6’s Benefits: Disease Prevention & Neurotransmission

Authoritarianism, Obedience, & Awareness

We continually armor and arm ourselves with whatever most pleases our sensibilities and simultaneously appears most useful. Our calibration systems for this can be distorted from an early age, as a consequence of intense stress, and thus one comes to calibrate maladaptively, and armor themselves with superfluous junk, rust, and poison, that only serves to … Continue reading Authoritarianism, Obedience, & Awareness

Psychomuscular Memory & Biopsychological Integration

A sustained tolerance to stressors seems ever-expandable, as novel fears are confronted, explored, and conquered, although various factors and phenotypes maintain a baseline discomfort in certain situations, and it seems that no amount of exposure therapy will completely habituate them. In these people, I suspect a maladaptive psychology creates branching dysfunction, where cumulative pathological perceptions … Continue reading Psychomuscular Memory & Biopsychological Integration